Medical Series


Dementia early detection


iSyncBrain-M is an AI geared EEG biomarker algorithm that assist in the diagnosis or prognosis of a specific disease, MCI biomarker is registered as a software medical device after clinical trials. Biomarkers for Alzheimer disease, Parkinson’s disease, coma prognosis, cognitive impairment after stroke, depression are under developing or under clinical trials.

The current MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) model developed through a multi-center clinical study with 3 university hospitals and finally has 93 % sensitivity and 90 % specificity. (KR 20-750). By uploading EEG data to the iSyncBrain web platform, MCI can be checked through automatic denoising and a standardized biomarker process to check early screening result of Alzheimer’s dementia. (Cognitive impairment due to other causes such as stroke, alcoholism, depression and etc, cannot be screened)

Automated AI Denoising

  • Machine learning based transient epoch rejections
  • AI based component rejections : AI Identification Noise component and rejections
  • Manual denoising process for corrections if needed

Individual Analysis

  • Component information with dipole source, topomap and spectra
  • Sensor level z score topomap : Band specific from delta to gamma and 1 Hz bin
  • Power Spectra : Various scales, Zooming, Asymmetry
  • Alpha peak activity : peak frequency and amplitude
  • Power ratio : TBR1, TBR2, DAR topomap
  • sLoreta Source ROI mapping : 2D and 3D activity visualization for voxel and ROI level source activity and connectivity

Biomarker Analysis

  • iSyncBrain-M1 MCI classifier : Normal(<60%), MCI(> 60%)