British and American mountaineer,
explorer, author and former business executive
Vanessa O'Brein has recently joined the Blue Origin's 22nd flight trip to space.
Congratulations on her challenge and success in spaceflight, which made her the first woman to complete Explorer's Extreme Trifecta.
On her new journey towards the last unknown realm of mankind, the secret of the brain and mentality, iMediSync will be with her.
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explorer, author and
former business executive
Vanessa O’brien
AI Brain Scanner, iSyncWave • Wireless Dry EEG Measurement and Therapy Device
• Advanced and Easy to Use
• Applied to Anyone with Standardized EEG Positioning
• Korean FDA-Certified Class II Medical Device
• US FDA 510K-cleared Class II Medical Device
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Cloud-based AI Brainwave Analytics, iSyncBrain VIEW MORE VIEW MORE
• National Standard Reference DB Based EEG Automated Analysis Solution
• Early Screening of Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment
• Korean FDA-Certified Software as a Medical Device
• USA FDA-cleared Software as a Medical Device
Your Brain Says it All Cloud AI Brainwave Analytics,
Cloud-based AI Heartbeat Analytics,
• Automated HRV Parameter Extraction and Standardization
• Machine Learning Algorithm for Monitoring Emotion
• Prediction Model of Stress Stages
• Korean FDA-Certified Medical Device
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Integrative AI Mental Care Platform

Wireless dry EEG measurement and therapeutics device

- 100% dry EEG measurement
- Fits all ages and genders
- High-quality signal 
- Quick measurement and reporting in 10 minutes
- Simultaneous HRV measurement 

National standard reference DB based EEG automated analysis solution

- First-ever sex classified EEG database 
- AI-guided EEG automated denoising 
- QEEG brain mapping report 
- Clinical decision support on cognitive disorders

Heart Rate Variability measurement

- HRV analytics solution
- Autonomic balance assessment using heart rhythm dynamics
- Prediction of anxiety, depression, and stress levels
- Combined in various clinical circumstances
Research Collaboration
- Machine learning model development using standardized EEG analysis pipelines
- Co-development of electrophysiological biomarkers
- Service development using iSyncWave quick recording and phenotyping
About iMediSync
- AI digital mental health platform company
- In-house development of EEG/PPG dry measurement device
- Development of first-ever sex classified EEG norm database  
- Development of AI EEG/PPG analytics on the cloud
- Cloud service of brain disease biomarker