AI Brain Scanner, iSyncMe • Improved Signal Quality with Streamlined Structure and Enhanced Design
• PPG sensor structure change increases accuracy
• Improved fit by adding electrode cushing fuction
• Maximize effectiveness by improving PBM performance
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AI Brain Scanner, iSyncWave • Wireless Dry EEG Measurement and Therapy Device
• Advanced and Easy to Use
• Applied to Anyone with Standardized EEG Positioning
• Korean FDA-Certified Class II Medical Device
• US FDA 510K-cleared Class II Medical Device
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Cloud-based AI Brainwave Analytics, iSyncBrain VIEW MORE VIEW MORE
• National Standard Reference DB Based EEG Automated Analysis Solution
• Early Screening of Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment
• Korean FDA-Certified Software as a Medical Device
• USA FDA-cleared Software as a Medical Device
Your Brain Says it All Cloud AI Brainwave Analytics,
Cloud-based AI Heartbeat Analytics,
• Automated HRV Parameter Extraction and Standardization
• Machine Learning Algorithm for Monitoring Emotion
• Prediction Model of Stress Stages
• Korean FDA-Certified Medical Device
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Integrative AI Mental Care Platform

Wireless dry EEG measurement and therapeutics device

- 100% dry EEG measurement
- Fits all ages and genders
- High-quality signal 
- Quick measurement and reporting in 10 minutes
- Simultaneous HRV measurement 

National standard reference DB based EEG automated analysis solution

- First-ever sex classified EEG database 
- AI-guided EEG automated denoising 
- QEEG brain mapping report 
- Clinical decision support on cognitive disorders

Heart Rate Variability measurement

- HRV analytics solution
- Autonomic balance assessment using heart rhythm dynamics
- Prediction of anxiety, depression, and stress levels
- Combined in various clinical circumstances
Research Collaboration
- Machine learning model development using standardized EEG analysis pipelines
- Co-development of electrophysiological biomarkers
- Service development using iSyncWave quick recording and phenotyping
About iMediSync
- AI digital mental health platform company
- In-house development of EEG/PPG dry measurement device
- Development of first-ever sex classified EEG norm database  
- Development of AI EEG/PPG analytics on the cloud
- Cloud service of brain disease biomarker