About Us

Research and commercialization suggesting a new paradigm in the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders



iMediSync is an AI-based digital mental health care platform company. Through the development of simple, high-quality EEG measurement technology for brain diseases and the integrated EEG/HRV automatic analysis biomarker, we can provide a platform service of preventive monitoring and evidence-based mental health care. This can be completed in various environments such as home, school, the workplace, hospitals, telemedicine, and drug clinical trials. We are taking a strong step towards the global standard of digital mental health.



Company name


Founding Date

December 18, 2012


Seung Wan Kang


Our Products

iMediSync developed the first-ever sex classified EEG/HRV database and AI EEG/HRV automatic analysis cloud platform. The cloud platform iSyncBrain consists of AI automated denoising, a feature extraction pipeline from sensor level to source level, automatic quick summary reports or full reports with the database comparison, and group statistics functionality with a normative library. We completed the KFDA clinical study for our EEG screening biomarker on aMCI detection and have integrated it with the report, iSyncBrain-M1. Various collaborative research is actively undergoing to develop an EEG/HRV based biomarker for Amyloidopathy, coma prognosis, stroke rehabilitation prognosis, Parkinson pathology, depression phenotype, and determining brain lobe age for children. This will be known as the iSyncBrain-M series.

Recently, an innovative 19 channel dry EEG/HRV headset with digital therapeutics, iSyncWave, was developed and integrated with the iSyncBrain/Heart software platform with the disease biomarker. More digital therapeutics functionalities, such as QEEG guided personalized NIR LED therapeutics and neuro biofeedback will be included in the iSyncWave. The iSync platform consists of wearable EEG recordings, a cloud-based AI analysis, and EEG-guided digital therapeutics. This is an indicator of a future digital mental health renovation and can be a tool for connecting telemental doctors with clients at home.
Doctors will be able to prescribe an intervention and monitor the patient’s progress, all while patients participate in digital therapeutics under their supervision. (iSyncBrain, iSyncBrain-M1 is a KFDA software medical device, respectively, and iSyncWave is a KFDA Class 2 medical device)