Research Series


Group statistics and norm library


iSyncBrain-R is a research solution that can be used for group analysis of large amounts of research data using iSyncBrain’s AI automatic noise removal technology and standardized quantitative EEG analysis procedure, or for interventional effect analysis of group data for specific diseases or biomarker development. The Normative Library function, which automatically matches the control group required for the study using the database of healthy people of all ages, allows researchers to secure clinical research results without recruiting a control group.

Automated AI Denoising for large scale data processing

  • Machine learning based transient epoch rejections
  • AI based component rejections : AI Identification Noise component and rejections
  • Manual denoising process for corrections if needed

Individual Analysis

  • Component information with dipole source, topomap and spectra
  • Sensor level z score topomap : Band specific from delta to gamma and 1 Hz bin
  • Power Spectra : Various scales, Zooming, Asymmetry
  • Alpha peak activity : peak frequency and amplitude
  • Power ratio : TBR1, TBR2, DAR topomap
  • sLoreta Source ROI mapping : 2D and 3D z score visualization for voxel and ROI level source activity and connectivity

Group Statistics

  • pre post comparison : 1:1 , group intervention effect
  • two group and ANOVA comparison : independent group comparisons
  • Placebo control study : two group intervention effect
  • Normative library : Automated recruiting of sex and age matched control group