CEO Greeting

CEO Greeting

“Solving the secrets of the brain with A.I. technology”

Understanding the human brain has been as much of a challenge as exploring the vast universe. iMedisync provides innovative solutions for the prevention and treatment of brain disorder using cutting-edge technology that converges brain engineering, AI, and big data. As a total mental healthcare provider, iMedisync will continuously strive to contribute to protecting human intelligence and spirituality through digital innovation, and accompany our clients and employees on this journey.

Founder and CEO Seung Wan Kang, MD, PhD


  • Associate Professor, College of Nursing, Seoul National University (SNU)
  • Director, National Standard Reference EEG Data Center
  • Research Professor, Seoul National University Medical Research Institute
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Seoul National University Hospital Pain Center
  • Family Medicine Resident, CHA Hospital
  • Inturn, Seoul National University Hospital
  • PhD, Graduate School of East-West Medical Science , KyungHee University
  • MS, Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, CHA Medical University
  • MD, College of Medicine, Seoul National University (SNU)