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Everything that was Presented at CES 2022

By 2022-04-08No Comments

Article Source: OI Canadian

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Few people and a lot of fear. Half-empty corridors, large absences and strict protocols against COVID will be marked by fire at the traditional international consumer technology fair, the CES, that every year is done in Las Vegas and that this week it was face-to-face again. Last year’s edition was virtual for the first time in its 52-year history.


All eyes were on the city of casinos since it is the first major international conference, massive and face-to-face, in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic. The concern was extreme since the opening on Wednesday occurred just when COVID hospitalizations exceeded September peak and they were fast approaching last year’s record.


For all these reasons it was a different fair. They estimate that there was between 50 and 70% fewer people than in normal years and more than 30 large companies such as Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Facebook (Meta), Twitter, HP and Google, among others, canceled their presence in recent weeks.


“We expected a lot of people but the city is almost a desert”says Roberto, a Cuban who works as an Uber driver. And a salesperson at CG Mobile, a manufacturer of cell phone cases for brands, accepted that 80% of his customers who would come to buy new models, decided not to come to CES. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), organizer of the event, decided to finish it on Friday, a day earlier than planned.


At the Convention Center the chinstrap was mandatory and to be accredited, at least two doses of vaccines accepted by the WHO had to be verified (the Russian Sputnik is not authorized). In addition, to each of the attendees, he was given an antigen test kit at the airport and know the result in five minutes.


2,200 exhibitors reported from CTA, half the number in previous years. “The CES must continue,” he said. Gary shapiro, the CEO. “The fair is essential for small and medium-sized companies that seek to do business in these three days and that is why we help them.” The slogan was “welcome back, we miss you.”



CES 2022: the novelties of the fair

The iMediSync wearable helmet has a scanner to do a brain scan in 10 minutes. Photo: AP


The health and technology -especially in the last two years- they come together more and more to provide products and solutions that improve people’s lives. The business moves in the hundreds of millions and CES saw a host of innovations, apps, telemedicine and emerging products still in the testing phase, such as covid-19 test through mobile applications or MayaMD, an artificial intelligence assistant for real-time medical diagnostics.


The portable helmet developed by the Korean made news iMediSync, which has a scanner to do a brain analysis in ten minutes and that could detect Alzheimer’s thanks to its algorithms.

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