Wireless Dry EEG Measurement and Therapy Device

*The photo is an image cut and is near-infrared rays that are invisible to the real eye.

Tech point


Robust EEG Signals

Analog Front End Amplifier enhances the signal-to-noise ratio

Fits Scalp with Rack-Pinion Structures

19 channel electrodes (International 10/20 system) are applied in 5 branches with rack-pinion structures, which maintain standardized positions and stable contact pressure for the best signal quality.

※5 Patent registered (rfe. 10-2293735)

<Rack pinion structure, 10/20 System>

Light Therapy
(Photobiomodulation, PBM)

Accelerating cell and tissue regeneration

iSyncWave provides QEEG guided personalized light therapy(PBM) protocol with built-in LEDs. The optimum targeting PBM protocol for Alzheimer’s, strokes, traumatic brain injuries is now in the development stage. Meanwhile, PBM safety and efficacy have been shown by US Navy and Harvard Medical School studies.

Near-Infrared LED light penetrates skull and brain tissues 6 times higher than red LED.


Reference : Salehpour, Farzad, et al. “Brain photobiomodulation therapy: a narrative review.” Molecular neurobiology 55.8 (2018): 6601-6636.

Disclaimer: According to the Korean Medical Device Act and the Electrical Appliances and Household Appliances Safety Management Act, machines that irradiate low-level near-infrared rays to the skin can be registered for the purpose of relieving the pain of medical devices due to their special safety and can be manufactured and sold as industrial products. it is meant to be. The representations and all information and descriptions of devices on this site are based on academic papers and are for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or substitute for the advice of a physician.