AI automated EEG analysis solution

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The world’s largest healthy QEEG norm DB

iSyncBrain has not only Asia’s first EEG norm but also the world’s first and largest sex-classified database. It was developed during the 8 years of the national standard database project with 1300 healthy individuals aged 4 to 82.

<iSyncBrain NormDB 3.0.1>

AMICA component details and dipole fitting model

AMICA analysis with component time series, spectra, topomap and dipole source location.

AI automated EEG denoising
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EEG denoising process video

Deep learning algorithms using AMICA component details were developed for EEG automatic denoising as a preprocessing pipeline.

KR 10-2077695, 10-2105002

  • Before AI Denoising
  • After AI Denoising
sLORETA source mapping and ROI connectivities

sLORETA voxel-level source power and Desikan-Killiany atlas based ROI level connectivities are visualized with 2D circular mapping or 3D interactive viewer. Source mapping reports also give normal comparisons with functional descriptions in each ROI, respectively.


Healthy QEEG norm guided brain disease biomarker report

※5 patents registered (rfe.10-2287191)

MCI Classifier

  • * Prodromal stage of Alzheimer’s dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment